Scrollo documentation

General settings tab

Style scrollbar

This option is intended for styling / theming purposes scroller. Contains 12 ready-made scrollbar styles and a custom style. If you choose a custom style, additional scrollbar customization options will appear.

Padding absolute

Absolute padding means that the content will always have the defined spacing to the edge, regardless of the scroll-offset.

Overflow X

Defines how the overflow should be handled for X axis, e.g. if scrolling shall be possible or not.

Overflow Y
Defines how the overflow should be handled for Y axis, e.g. if scrolling shall be possible or not.

Visibility scrollbars

The basic visibility of the scrollbars.


The possibility to hide visible scrollbars automatically after a certain action.

Auto hide delay

The delay in milliseconds before the scrollbars get hidden automatically.

Drag scrolling

Defines whether the scrollbar-handle supports drag scrolling. If set to true, it's possible to drag the scrollbar-handle to change the scroll-offset.

Custom style

Scroll width

Sets the thickness of the scrollbar.

Scroll padding

Sets the indentation on all sides of the scrollbar.

Scroll min height

Sets the minimum length of the scrollbar.

It is also possible to set custom colors of the scroll bar using the following settings.
  • Gradient – The option determines whether the scroll bar will consist of two colors.
  • Deg – Degree of inclination of the gradient.
  • Color – One of the scrollbar colors.
  • Length color – The length that will be occupied by the color in the gradient.
  • Gradient color – The color used if the gradient option was selected.
Track settings
  • Color transparent – Hides the track until the cursor is hovered over the scroll bar.
  • Color – Normal track color. It is used only when the track is not transparent.
  • Hover color – Color of the track when hovering the cursor.
  • Active color – Color of the track when active.